Tuesday, 7 January 2014

My Christmas' diary

    -21st to 23rd of December: 
I completely do nothing this days. I´m very tired because my cousin has alredy came from Santander and he is very nervous.
     -24th of December:
Today I am going to my grandparents' house to celebrate that Santa is coming this night. We make presents for the ones we want (everybody get presents) every year. This one, I had a new E-book (because the other one was broken), clothes and a jammie.
     -25th to 30th of December:
I do my homework little by little but I spend more time doing other things. I´m very angry because I am always helping my mother or being with my cousin while my daughter does nothing.
      -31st of December:
I´m going to my other grandparents' house to celebrate the New Year. I am very nervous because last year I couldn´t eat all the grapes at the same time as the peals. Hope this year I'll do it.
     -1st to 4th of January: 
Last days I finished my homework but today I were revising if I have more... And I have. Why this happen to me?!
      -5rh of January:
Today is my dad´s mother birthday! We're going to a restaurant to celebrate it and later we're going to the Three Wise Men's procession.
     -6th of January:
I had oppened my presents: new color polish for my nails, a shawl and a watch. I didn´t have many presents because tomorrow...
    -7th of January:
Today is my birthday! All my family is coming to have lunch. They're putting their presents on the table.  I have got a lot of them but I must open them after eating. I can't wait!!

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