Wednesday, 30 October 2013


When I was 11, in summer, I was in Benidorm with my friends. Next to the swimming pool there was a place where you can go and take a computer to chat or look some information. We were very bored, so we decided to go there. We had a great time there but it closed and it was raining so we started to run. I turned the corner, but behind the corner there was a small wall and I didn’t see it because I was running so I crashed with it. It was really funny because all my friends were laughing and saying “OH MY GOOOD HAHAHAHA” and I was very very scared but when they saw my face they became scared too because I had a giant bump in my forehead. We started to run again and in the swimming pool the lifeguard put ice on my face. Now all my friends remember that and we laugh a lot with this history.

Thursday, 24 October 2013


Welcome to this new experience. I remind this is a place for us, so please try to avoid insults, and use respect and freedom as our identity card. We will use this to show you some homework and interesting links to interesting websites (hey, be careful with these)

So I hope you enjoy this...