Tuesday, 7 January 2014


This cristmas holidays have been good because I`ve been with the family and it was fun, but the best thing has been that we haven´t had to go to class.
On cristmas eve we went to my grandmother`s house for dinner.
Next day, on cristas, came my grandma and my uncles to eat at my house.
New Year´s eve we went to my grandparents´ house to have dinner with all the family, after dinner we ate grapes and then we went to throw firecrackers and finally we played cards.
Next day, on new year´s day we went to eat at the same house, and later we played bingo.
On king´ day I opened the gifts with my family in my house and then we went to my grandparent´s house to opened more gifts and we were eating there.
I have really enjoyed this cristmas.

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