Monday, 4 November 2013


When I was four I learned how to swim but in a very unusual way. This is very memorable because, a part of being funny, I learned how to swim.
We were in Matalascañas (Andalucía). It’s a small village. We were staying at a friends’ house. They had a swimming pool there and everyday all of us (my family, friends and I) play there. I used water wings because I didn’t know how to swim. When my mom was putting me the sun cream and she finished, I couldn’t wait and I entered into the swimming pool because my brother, my sister and my father were playing there. I started swimming but I was getting down. Then I started getting scared and when my mom saw me she shouted: “Dad, dad, Natalia didn’t put her water wings and she is drowning!” After that my father got my arm and I start swimming so he helped me and finally I learned how to swim.

I was very happy but at the beginning I was really scared. Nowadays for me is very funny telling people this memorable experience. It’s original and not all people learn how to swim like I did.

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